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In 1951, on the initiative of 2 workers Parpajola Pietro and Pasquetto Giosuè, was born the PARPAS whose name originates from the first three letters of their surnames.
1951 – 1960
Decade dedicated to manufacturing of Pantographs and Milling Machines by manual conduction.
1961 – 1970
This period saw the dimensional development of the machines and the implementation of the first technologies.
To increase the range of products, O.M.V. Officine Meccaniche Venete was founded.
1971 - 1980
Larger machines with numerical control are produced.
1981 - 1990
Advent of CAD-CAM programming systems with remote programming of the machine.
1983 -1992
In 1983 began the marketing and sale of products in NORTH AMERICA through Agents/ Direct Retailers. To strengthen its presence in this market, in 1992 was established PARPAS AMERICA INC in Canada and the PARPAS AMERICA CORP in USA, two direct sales and service organizations.
1991 - 2000
In addition to the development of moving column machines and moving portal, the GANTRY line was designed.
2001 - 2015
Design and production of new products equipped with linear motors and internally produced motorspindles.
Considering the importance of the German market for the GRUPPO PARPAS in 2010, PARPAS DEUTSCHLAND was founded with a direct sales and service organization for products and services.
The constant research for new products and technologies continues to meet the needs of the various industrial sectors. This allows the GRUPPO PARPAS to establish itself increasingly as a partner-solution and be recognized in the world market as a brand of quality and professionalism.