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The ESAGON is a 3 or 5 axis Gantry machining center with linear motors on all axes for high precision and speed machining, with feed rates up to 120,000 mm/1′.




The ESAGON is a high speed machining center. It allows a maximum feedrates of 120 m/min. The movement of all the axes is realized with water-cooled linear motors. The machine is equipped with a rotating table (120 rpm) and tilting table (60 rpm) driven by torque motors.

The machine is characterized by the structure made with a monobloc cast iron basement and the ram is in a box box structure, made of a special ultralight alloy. The structures are naturally symmetrical thus ensuring consistency of behavior regardless of temperature changes and stresses generated during processing.

Thanks to the completely closed enclosure and the very compact structure, the operator has excellent visibility of the working area, preserving protection from chips and water.

Wide possibility of palletizing with different solutions and/or integrations to flexible production systems.

Longitudinal axis

1.200 mm       47.24 In

Cross axis

750 mm       29.53 In

Vertical axis

700 mm       27.56 In


0 ÷ 120.000 mm/1`       0 ÷ 4724.41 In/1`


37 Kw • 27.000 rpm

Spindle taper

HSK-50E • HSK-63A • ISO30 • ISO40 • NIKKEN NC5-46


Available heads

Torque up to Nm


Power up to Kw


Speed up to rpm


Spindle taper

HSK-50E • HSK-63A • ISO30 • ISO40 • NIKKEN NC5-46

Standard spindle, fixed in vertical.

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