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Moving column and fixed table


HSR is a machine for Milling and Grinding of cylindrical and globoidal Cams.




SHARK is a high-speed machining centre line with a fixed bed and a movable column. Being designed by means of the calculation of finite elements for machine structures (FEM), the machine represents an optimised development assuring rigidity and vibration dumping during movements. In addition to that low friction rates and high axes acceleration values are important features which allow high dynamical performances in finishing and at the same time in roughing: a big advantage in reducing production costs during machining process.

Longitudinal axis

1.200 mm       47.24 In

Cross axis

800 mm       31.50 In

Vertical axis

800 mm       31.50 In


0 ÷ 60.000 mm/1`       0 ÷ 2.362.20 In/1`


Rettifica orbitale

Spindle taper

HSK-63A • HSK-100A • ISO40 • ISO50


Available heads

Torque up to Nm

Power up to Kw

Speed up to rpm

Spindle taper

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