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Boring machine


Boring Machine with the most unique technological innovations of any other, in order to meet the ever-growing need of precision. The INVAR’s level of accuracy is unmatched by any machine of comparable size today.




The INVAR line is enriching the already wide production range of travelling column machines.

The design of all the main machine’s components has been completed using the most advanced software for the structure analysis (FEM), static analysis, dynamic analysis, thermal analysis and styling.

The synthesis and the concentration of the more advanced technology and high performance are the result of a full time dedication on the research by all our various technological departments in the basic materials up to any single components in the machine (mechanic, electronic, software, devices).

The final product is a BORING CENTER finalised to achieve :

  • the maximum accuracy in working environments with temperature changes (from this the name INVAR)
  • maximum structural rigidity
  • maximum chip removal rate
  • maximum volumetric accuracy
  • maximum dynamic
  • maximum safety during operation
  • best ergonomic operation

Longitudinal axis

6.000 ÷ 30.000 mm       236.22 ÷ 1.181.10 In

Cross axis

1.250 + 1.000 • 1.500 + 1.250 mm       49,21 + 39.37 ÷ 59.05 + 49.21 In

Vertical axis

3.000 ÷ 6.500 mm       181.11 ÷ 255.90 In


0 ÷ 25.000 mm/1       0 ÷ 984,25 In/1


107 ÷ 134 Kw • 3.000 rpm

Spindle taper

HSK-63A • HSK-100A • ISO40 • ISO50


Available heads

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