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Fixed portal and moving table

ROLLER XL Full linear

The model ROLLER XL Full linear is a high-speed working center with fixed portal and mobile rotary table characterized by a very compact solution , ergonomic line allows deep drilling operations and equipped with full linear motors.




The ROLLER XL is a high-speed machining center with fixed portal solution and moving rotary table characterized by a very compact solution, ergonomic layout,  allows deep drilling operations and equipped with full linear motors.. The machine is equipped with a two-axis head.

The design, with the using of the FEM system, has allowed to optimize the finite element calculation making the structures of this model particularly rigid with the total elimination of vibrations during machining. In addition the low friction and the high acceleration of the axes, allow to achieve particularly brilliant dynamic performance both in finishing and roughing in order to get economic gains in all machining process.

The machine is equipped with automatic tool changer that can be configured and positioned outside the working area. The chips are evacuated by augers that transport them in a scraper type conveyor with side exit. The enclosure with tunnel opening solution leaves the table completely free for loading/ unloading the workpiece and allows easy access to the working area.

Wide possibility of palletizingwith different solutions and/or integrations to flexible production systems.

Longitudinal axis

2.050 mm       80.70 In

Cross axis

2.030 mm       79.92 In

Vertical axis

1.000 mm       39.37 In


0 ÷ 60.000 mm/1`       0 ÷ 1181.11 In/1`


37 Kw • 18.000 ÷ 22.000 rpm

Spindle taper

ISO40 • HSK-63A


Available heads

Torque up to Nm


Power up to Kw


Speed up to rpm


Spindle taper



Bi-rotative head with motorspindle

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