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GRUPPO PARPAS offers high-tech and high-performance solutions for the production of spacecraft components including robotic spacecraft, manned vehicles such as space stations and artificial satellites, as well as specific associated equipment (propulsion, navigation systems, etc.). The Group’s product range allows the processing of numerous machinable materials of all sizes, while maintaining constant precision and reliability.

The objectives are in common with those of customers so the supply of machine tools and/ or plants is guaranteed to maximize production, reducing set-up and control times, working at high speed ensuring maximum surface quality. From the experience accumulated in more than 70 years of history and thanks to the philosophy, our products direct customers towards a new way of manufacturing without garrison.

The increasingly intense collaboration with our customers in the sector, has allowed and still allows the Group to improve and adapt the products according to the necessary needs and to date, GRUPPO PARPAS and the sector have grown side by side, achieving great goals.

Attention, customer care and strong customization, have allowed GRUPPO PARPAS to become a supplier and partner of the biggest names in the industry.